Sifiso Christopher, affectionately known as "Inkunzi Emdwayidwa", means King of Traditional Healers and is sometimes also called "Gogo".

Traditional healing is "holistic". It does not focus on symptoms or diseases. Instead, it deals with the total individual. Different people with HIV disease may get different treatments. Healing focuses on the person, not the illness.

Certain people in each tribe are recognized as healers. They receive special teachings. Healing traditions are passed from one generation to the next through visions, stories, and dreams.

Healing does not follow written guidelines. Healers work differently with each person they help. They use their herbs, ceremony and power in the best way for each individual.

Healing might involve sweat lodges, talking circles, ceremonial smoking of tobacco, shamans, herbalism, animal spirits, or "vision quests". Each tribe uses its own techniques. The techniques by themselves are not "traditional healing." They are only steps towards becoming whole, balanced and connected.

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